Why I’m Not Going Home Yet

When I first came to Thailand I thought I might be gone for about a year – teach a little bit and travel around SE Asia, then head to Australia and New Zealand, and ideally make my way home via Europe.  That was in May 2011.

Instead, I haven’t even managed to get out of SE Asia (wait, does India count?).  And I still want to see all those other places.

Chiang Mai Mailbox
I even have a mailbox

What it comes down to though isn’t about checking places off my list or adding stamps to my passport.  The real reason is that, even though I have now lived in Chiang Mai for more than a year, I still do/see/learn/eat/realize/experience something new everyday.


And that’s what’s keeping me here, for now.  Yes, you can learn, do or see something new everyday at home, but it’s more difficult.  You do the commute to and from work without actually being aware of what you’re doing.  You get used to your surroundings/routines/habits/expectations.  And that’s not a bad thing – it just makes it more difficult to recognize the new and experience something different.

I know the time will come when I want more stability, predictability and a home that feels like I’ll be staying there for a while.  But for now, I love the fact that I can still walk down the street and notice something new, learn something about where I am or appreciate something so little as realizing there’s a papaya tree in my back yard.  It’s the little things that make me stop and think or stick in my mind more than the big ones like, say, going on holiday to a new island or zip lining for the first time.

Ziplining in Chiang Mai

I hope that by the time I do go home or settle down in a place, I will be able to remember not to get too caught up in the familiar and still actively seek out or notice new things all around me.

What keeps you traveling?  Or how do you find new things to excite you at home?

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  • Posted November 10, 2012
    by Ayngelina

    You are doing the right thing. I would definitely urge you not to go home until you really want to, it’s the only way to avoid regret. I traveled for 18 months and when I went home I knew it was time and I don’t regret it at all.

    • Posted November 10, 2012
      by Alana

      Thank you — I’ve heard that from a few people now in the past couple weeks. I think that when the time comes, and I know it will, I’ll feel it and just be ready!

  • Posted February 27, 2013
    by david paul krug

    Home is where your heart is. don’t forget that. you can go “home” or where your came from but your heart might not be there. or you can stay where you are and you might find your heart is somewhere else. as long as your heart is content and you are exploring and experiencing the divine stay and be contented in this moment.

    • Posted February 27, 2013
      by Alana

      Very true – thank you

  • Posted December 27, 2013
    by Dan

    I hear ya… I just can’t picture that moment when going home seems like the right thing… I imagine it hits eventually though. I’m TEFL’ing in China for now, and “the road” has felt more like home than anywhere else. Awesome blog! I just discovered it.

    • Posted December 28, 2013
      by Alana Morgan

      Thanks for reading, Dan – and good luck TEFL-ing…I think you just made up a new verb ;)

  • Posted January 17, 2017
    by Emily Andrews

    I have lived in east London for 6 years and I feel like I still notice and appreciate new things all the time. But it does tend to happen when I’m breaking my routine, meeting someone somewhere new, taking a different mode of transportation or otherwise pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

    I think you could live in London your whole life and still regularly discover new and exciting things :)

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