Sabai Sabai in Chiang Mai

Moveable Feast Retreat Thailand

“I remember the moment I first realized I’ve been living my whole life in black and white. It was like discovering a color I never knew existed before. A whole new crayon box full of colors, that was it for me. From then on, there was no putting the pieces back together. No going home. Things were different now. Asia had ruined me for my old life.” – Anthony Bourdain on Thailand

It’s no secret there’s something special about Thailand and Chiang Mai in particular. Visiting Chiang Mai changed my life irrevocably. It ruined me for my old life.

Over the years I’ve been able to share some of my favorite parts with friends and family who have found their way over here. Sometimes – the best times – I’ve been able to host people in my home for weeks and slowly explore together.

Now, I’m lucky enough that some of those friends are coming back and together we’re going to share the best of Chiang Mai – from street meat to multi course dinners whipped up by our private chef – with you.

From November 17th – 23rd, 2019 we’ll host you for this year’s Moveable Feast Retreat in Chiang Mai.


Moveable Feast Retreat Chiang Mai


From the pool courtyard to the plant-filled nooks and crannies to the individual villas, it’s all ours for the week. I seriously get goosebumps thinking of it.

Yoga, photography, art, culture, poolside drinks, excursions, your own villa and plenty of Thai coffee.

You could say this is four years in the making but, really, it’s longer. It’s combined decades of exploring special places, figuring out what makes us tick and pulling it all together to share with others. For me, it’s now nearly eight years of calling Chiang Mai home and finally being able to share it in a tangible experience with you rather than just words and images on a screen. I wish the retreat could be a month long so I could introduce everyone that makes this town so special and take you to all the places that took me a while to uncover. Alas, it can only be six days.

But don’t worry, those days are going to count.

The place, the people, the food, the moments – it’s all going to be incredible.

So join us.

Whether you’ve been to Thailand 20 times or have never stepped foot on the Kingdom of Siam, this experience will ruin you for your old life. In the best way possible.

Get all the details here!

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